Digital marketing career in 2021 – Hindi

Digital marketing career in 2021 – Hindi

डिजिटल मार्केटिंग भारत में सबसे तेजी से बढ़ने वाला क्षेत्र है, इसलिए करियर के अवसर फ्रेशर्स के लिए और अनुभवी कामकाजी पेशेवरों के लिए भी काफी हैं। डिजिटल मार्केटिंग सीखने के लिए आपको कोई डिग्री प्रमाणपत्र की आवश्यकता नहीं है। अगर आपकी इसमें रुचि है तो आप एक विशेषज्ञ बन सकते हैं और सेवाएं प्रदान करके बहुत पैसा कमा सकते हैं। अधिकांश भारतीयों को अपनी मातृभाषा में नई चीजें सीखने में खुशी महसूस होती है इसलिए हमने LERNERZONE में हिंदी में डिजिटल मार्केटिंग सिखाना शुरू किया To join our group LERNERZONE on Facebook click on the below link.

The Ultimate Revelation of How to become Rich and wealthy

The Ultimate Revelation of How to become Rich and wealthy

The Ultimate Revelation of what makes you Rich and Wealthy

Have you ever tried to understand the difference between becoming RICH and becoming WEALTHY?

Would you want to know how to become RICH and WEALTHY?

Do you know the key factor that helps you make more money?


Most of us dream of creating wealth and leading a luxurious life. But how many know the meaning of RICH and Wealthy?

Well, many people think richness means having a lot of money.

The difference between the Rich and Wealthy

It is not how much money we make but, it’s how much money we keep.

You might have already seen many film stars, sportspersons, businessmen, and the people who had won the lottery called rich when they had money but sooner they lost everything and became bankrupt. It’s not because they were not well educated but because they were not financially educated. 

If you want to lead a luxurious life then financial literacy is of utmost importance. 

In my view, wealth means freedom of debts, a financially independent and stress-free life. The money we make shouldn’t be sufficient only to fulfill our basic needs but it should help us fulfill our dreams and to lead life the way we want to live it. 

This means a person who is having a lot of money can be called RICH but if he or she couldn’t grow that money to create wealth then they can never be WEALTHY.


How to become Rich and Wealthy


Learn Life Skills for Self-Growth

Skill is an essential point to become rich.

What does skill mean?

An ability to do something well. So here Life skills can play in increasing your income.

Let’s see the meaning of Life Skills

Life skills mean any skill that is needed to manage your activities and accomplish the challenges every day effectively.

Life skills such as communication skills, creativity, problem-solving leadership skills are some types of skills.

So investing in self-improvement of any life skill can be a pillar of earning.

If you improve your skill it helps to understand the world. By learning the requirements or demands, improving skillset leads to more productivity. You can monetize your skills if it is displayed uniquely.


How to improve skills?

Let me help you to find

I highly recommend the course that has helped 100s of students and working professionals to get the clarity of their life and get rid of their confusion. This course can build confidence and pave the way to success. It’s Lerner zone’s Career Break Through Formula(CBF)

This course will help you identify your core values and monetize the skills you are good at.


Career Coaching

Invest Smartly

The Key to great wealth is to minimize the income and maximize the assets.

Investing is a slow, steady, and consistent way to build wealth.

Never depend on a single source of income as it can be used to fulfil basic needs.

So to create generational wealth think wisely and invest smartly.

What are the best and smart investments?



Smart investment

There are many kinds of investments such as mutual funds, fixed deposits, and Real Estate so on.

Mutual Funds: in mutual funds, you can earn money in these ways

Equity funds, which buys stocks of collection of companies, large and small scale invest here you need to build a good portfolio and study the stock investment in detail.

Fixed income is known as Bond funds, where investment is done in government and corporate debts. A fixed earning is accounted for considered being a safer investment.

Balanced funds: are a safer and low-risk investment with fixed earnings, its combination investment of equity funds and bond funds.


Real Estate is one of the fastest-growing and money-generating sources. The best and safer way of investment with good returns. Commercial real estate, residential rental properties, reselling of old properties.

Other safe and common investments…

PPF– Post Provident Fund: This is available in Posts, which has good returns and secured funds.

NSC-National Saving Certificate-which works very well for short term investments.

Gold bonds: These are available in nationalized banks which are safe and secured returns without any tax at the time of maturity.


Self investment: Yes, it’s one of the good ways, rather researching or investing in new thing to invest in self-improvement will worth. Investing in self-improvement will help you to expertise the skill and the skill can be used to earn more money.

Monetize Passion (Have goal / work on your passion)

Set a goal. Point out what are you best in, learn about the market which has requirements then tailor your passion according to that. Deliver the product in a unique form.


Key factors to become rich and wealthy




Its most important point you must follow the discipline to maintain consistency.

Most rich people practice financial discipline when they are making a budget, according to that they put constant efforts to reach the deadlines. 

Nobody can become rich overnight, everything you need a plan, deadline, and hard work. But you must prepare yourself to accept results with patience. Sometimes failure tests your consistency so be tough to put effort. There is nothing wrong with getting rich slowly. 

We often get distracted by something, which deviates your focus. So you should cultivate focus in such a way nothing can stop you to achieve. Follow your plan and rules, don’t come under other’s influence leading to diverting your way or decision. Believe yourself, you only know your skills, confidence, efficient work, so keep going. 

Do you love your job?

Yes, then you got the clarity of yourself.

If no, then you might be in search of clarity, which can make you love the job.

Clarity shows in your decision and the way of working.


Importance of health to create wealth



In a race to achieving success, wealth, don’t forget about health.

Once you earned wealth and wants to enjoy the luxury lifestyle, what if you don’t have good health. Even though you are earning a lot and financially sound.

If health issues start, it will squeeze your wealth in terms of treatment.

So it is best to keep health fit, a healthy lifestyle of your dreams will follow. Adopt a healthy habit.

Regular exercise and a balanced diet keep you fit. 

To get relief from stressful work, do yoga and some stretches, dance.

Family life is also important. Spend the best quality of time and make memories.


Don’t just plan, take action

We see many people just plan for something but they never get completed because they don’t take the right action at right time. Sticking to the plan and ready to take action will help in creating wealth. 


Take action

The biggest secrete to make more money is to give more money 

From childhood, we learn to share what we have, the beautiful feeling of sharing. I strongly believe once you achieved your success, something you should give it away to develop the community. Share with needy ones.

Sharing happiness gives you a lot of benefits. You will be recognized for your caring nature not by your richness. The people respect you and will trust because you care about them.

Sharing of little in your earning will create happiness and pride about self.



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Secrets of Content Writing

Secrets of Content Writing


Writing is an ART and it is capable of imparting your true knowledge to readers. It is the process of research, plan, and then write. Being authentic to your content is very important and leaves your essence towards content that looks original. It should never look like it is from another source. However, you can always refer to other articles and look for videos to take inputs.

“You might have heard dance like no one is looking at you” and the same way “write like a no one is reading”



  •         What is content writing and who is a content writer?
  •         How to start content writing and how to generate content ideas?
  •         Do I Need a Degree for it?
  •         Can this be a career choice?
  •         How to become a content writer?
  •         Can anyone become a writer?
  •         Conclusion

Content writing is the king of everything and delivering value is very important.  Here I want to point out a few things on content writing practically that’s how you can become a content writer. To become a content writer one shall know what is content first RIGHT?

So let’s begin with the most interesting subject: “content” means the purpose, it is something that is contained: the contents of a box. The subjects or topics covered in a book or a document. Content is any type of information which will inform, educate, motivate, inspire, product description, eBooks, entertain, advertisement, or convince a specific set of audience.

You may think the content writer means; one must be literature or have creative writing ideas? Writing is all of that, but it’s much more, it is the ability to transform your thoughts, ideas, and emotions into written words. You can say it is a powerful form of communication that convinces or influences the hearts and minds of those who consume it and one will engage with it.

An intern of mine will always make sure to consider the purpose of the content they are creating. You can take a look at the blogs on the health and wellness of my intern on her website and know how they are delivering the content.  So this is important to understand because content writing is all about solving problems for a specific audience. People look out for content (information) when they are really searching for it. When their search comes to an end by finding your content means it is value-added to your content as well as to their life. This is how you build trust with your readers and trust is the key ingredient in building a brand.

Content is the field where practice and consistency matter most, the more you read the more you write you will articulate the things more easily with better clarification based on your audience.

This is one key to understand, as aspiring writers, one would search for keywords as a way to please search engines or assume they need to be more creative.

It’s nothing as such. Both these approaches are not meeting the criteria of being content writers. Just focusing on stuffing keywords and not delivering the right content to solve problems or being just creative by adding fancy words will not make you a content writer. Honestly, you are not adding any value to your audience; content writing is usually more about utility than about creativity.

You do not want to be a bestselling author you are a problem solver through your value-added content for that you don’t need to be creative instead one needs to be a good listener, understand the problem your audience searching for, know the purpose behind., and definitely you do not have to elaborate or decorate the content and go all Shashi Tharoor on it. The content should have clarity and a way of convincing your audience base. It is easier to articulate in a simple way which is far more appealing than making it complicated by being creative or using fancy words… AIM of content should be clarity of the subject or the solution.


Simply you cannot start overwriting anything, as said it requires lots of research and awareness of a particular brand. In fact, it needs strategy if you are willing to write for websites or for the brand it needs more consciousness and should have better quality.

  1.       Before starting content writing, know the purpose behind and decide about the content head.
  2.       Know the audience – what people are looking for
  3.       What do people want to know about any subject?
  4.       Interview customer
  5.       To understand what people are actually trying to find we must do a survey, conduct polls
  6.       QUORA is the answer to find the content ideas
  7.       Other tools are available to find the content topic

It will help us to know more about people and their search is on what. Also, there is an option of keyword research through which we get a list of short and long keywords which will help us to decide to choose the topic for content writing. When doing keyword research with two words we may find more searches on similar words that people are looking for.

6 ways to generate content ideas:

  • Google Search suggestions
  • Ask the public
  • Social groups
  • Recent events
  • Look for more websites
  • Communication


Content writing is an exceptional skill to have and it is a superpower because you are engaging your reader. A person who specializes in providing relevant content and they are who create blogs, articles, and other forms of writing web material. Content writers are professionals who decide their niche and implement their theories, strategies, ideas, and core research. Also, they make sure to follow the list of tools to ensure content is being well structured and reach the right people.


Well, there is good news: it requires No specific degree, but it’s better if you have a graduation degree. All is required here is to have knowledge of what you write and do basic research, get some courses if required, and yes practice more. Practice makes a man perfect. Never demotivate yourself, you don’t need a high-five degree to showcase your talent as said one should understand the people’s problem and create content towards solving it. Never think my English is poor like a muscle in our body, writing skills can also be conditioned and strengthened over time. Being clear with your own idea, if you can solve your audience problems if you can show how your content can ease them if you know how to put words in a simpler way to communicate better with your audience and there you go…

A degree is not necessary for success, however, many writers do have a formal education background in writing. Like in literature, technical, communications, journalism, or higher degree levels. Unless your writing skill is flawless, it will never hurt you to pursue your craft academically.  In short just like many other career fields your dedication, expertise, and experience will be able to help you to stand on your own two feet.


Here are 7 Steps to follow basic and important rules to become a content writer.

Start building a portfolio: before you start writing, build your credibility. A portfolio helps you to show your capabilities.

Social proofs: Quora is one best platform. Here you will know what people are searching for. It allows you to file your content where people can consume your content not only that they will engage with your content and of course there are chances of attracting gigs.

Build authority: that’s a blog, ultimate parameter to build credibility and authority. You can consider this as a tool to showcase your capabilities.

Create a pitch: A great pitch is simply clear, to the point and clarity of information and the way of articulating the things.

Start Fiverr and Upwork: these are considered as big gigs economies.

Of course, you cannot just open the account and get the opportunities indeed you will have to put in the work there to get gigs or freelance projects but definitely, you can expect some winning projects.

Join Facebook groups and COMMUNITIES; usually in these groups people post their requirement for content, keep following them, and when they agree you can send them the pitch you created.

Set up linked in profile: when it comes to gigs economy then take linked in seriously, and use it more deliberately so that you pitch in right there and attract the opportunities.

Different options for Content Creation:

Content marketing

When you talk or think about the content the first thing pops into your mind is blogging, is it? Yes, blogging is great but there’s no denying that other forms of content are growing super quickly. You can certainly create content in these fields.

  1. Website – Profile, company
  2. Blog – Technical, Non-technical
  3. Copywriting – Email, newsletter – landing page, media Blogging
  4. Video
  5. Podcasting
  6. Infographics
  7. Email
  8. Visual content
  9. Ebooks
  10. Lead magnets
  11. Whitepapers
  12. Slideshare presentations
  13. Quizzes/tools
  14. Checklists
  15. Courses
  16. Webinars
  17. Slide decks
  18. Free apps
  19. Social media posts
  20. Technical Writer

When you are perfectly designed to understand core concepts or knowledge on content it will be good to go as a content marketer. A content marketer is again a huge topic to discuss with… To tell content marketer “it is a form of marketing where it is involved with so many tasks like blogging, videos focused on creating and publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online. It is followed by a strategy and it is difficult to choose which type of content market you want to use to grow your business, it needs lots of planning and strategies to act to boost your sales and lead generation”.

Content marketing: to know more about content writing please refers:


Content is a skill and art, to be honest, you can always build your own path and a good example of a career around this skill.

I would say never limit your writing skill with your words like a job or career. It is more than that, you can be a freelance writer.  Write blogs, website content writers, content writing services, article writing services, and content writers. You can even choose technical or non-technical areas to write. You can make glorious opportunities regardless of your location, gender, or age and see how you extract the value of it.

Content writing service

If I say not to value your content writing skill as a job or career then what to be called???? It is called “gig”:  means: “prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work,” generally speaking content writing gigs will help you to get in contact with many companies on different and multiple projects at the same time… Means you need to look for multiple gigs, in other words, freelance opportunities/work.

For many organizations content is extremely important and the volume of requirements is high. To overcome this, companies in India and worldwide are in constant search of content writers. You can be one of them over a certain period of time with constant effort…

When you take the mode of writing there are many such ways to write content.

  • Blogs
  • Website Content Writer
  • Freelance Writer
  • Copy Writer
  • Content writing services
  • Article Writing Service
  • Technical and Non-technical
  • Content Writer for Social Media
  • Content Marketer


When I asked this question to my husband, He replied instantly YES why not, If you can share your knowledge in the form of a blog that can help people solve their problems then people would love to consume your content. I also agree that anyone can be a content writer. Each person will have likes and interests in a certain domain and may have deep knowledge on technical or non-technical subjects also some people write a poem or write scripts and definitely these all can be turned to content and become content writers. Anyone can work as a content writer in any domain you like- sports writing, current affairs/journalism, blogging, fashion, garden, marketing writing, and many others.

Content Marketing



Writing every day should become a habit and reading should become a passion. If it happens regularly then it is a key to becoming successful and improving yourself. To be a writer these two strings are important. Though not much but writing a few lines every day will upgrade your skills and rewarding will enhance your knowledge.

The more you read the more you gain knowledge/better at it

The more you write the more your flow will be

The more you learn better you will understand

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this useful article, although there are still huge notes to be covered yet, but definitely in my next blog I will continue with the tools used for Content writing and what is blogging, how to write blogs, and its structure… If you find this interesting please share this with your friends and family and leave the comment below…



Internet and work from home has made parenting an amazing experience

Internet and work from home has made parenting an amazing experience

What’s there in this blog for you?

  1. How work from home has become genuine.
  2. Genuine methods of works from home.
  3. Various opportunities to make money sitting at home.

Work from home has become an amazing option for all moms around the world who don’t wish to compromise over family and career. The world has become career oriented and moms are too. But it’s always difficult to manage between work commitments as well as family commitments. Luckily internet has made it possible to utilize all your skills by just sitting at your own place and what cannot be done when you get handful of opportunities to build your career without compromising one over the other.

Earlier when work from home started, some used to be real and some were fake. Therefore people thought before opting for work from home. Many might have lost money as the companies asked for investment before hiring while some experienced it better. But now the time is changed and the work from home is legitimate. Even corporate world has turned towards work from home option, making many parents, parenting an easy task.

There are many reasons why even IT companies giving more and more work from home for their employs. Some of them are – better time management, increased productivity, requiring less office space, reduced maintenance and so on. Hence job opportunities for work from home are raising rapidly and hopefully work from home are becoming permanent.

If you are thinking hundred times before restarting your career after a very long gap, then there are many courses designed to build your confidence and strengthen your goals. To know details click which is guaranteed to build your career again without any doubt. Such career breakthrough courses have helped many mommies to kick start their career and start earning from home.

Although you are working from home, maintaining family and home is always ladies first priority. One of the major part of the home contributing to amazing home appearance is our garden. Click here to know more about gardening and start decorating your home with simple and useful ideas and tips.


Job opportunities for work from home?

As internet is growing very fast and strong, there are plenty of online jobs appearing regularly. Some of real work from home opportunities I have tried to list out here are

  • Online tutoring
  • Online reselling business
  • Data entry jobs
  • Digital marketing jobs, etc.

1.  Online tutoring

Online tutoring is very effective especially in this digital world. Tutoring is as old as we are. Only the names have changed periodically from gurukul system to formal education system and now from year 2020 it’s not just school, but an online school. Obviously the medium of knowledge transfer got changed from classroom to digital. Learning is never ending process either through school or through internet. Therefore if you have at least one type of skill, you can definitely convert it into business by just sitting at your home. Cooking, art and craft, music, dance, etc. are the attractive skills almost every mom holds well at, which you can start online tutoring, as online tutoring is best to reach as many students as possible. Also, there are many other skills like soft skills, personal skills, and interpersonal skills, professional skills which can be shared through online training / online workshops / online courses etc. and hence making it possible to work from home and make money.

online course

Online tutoring is very effective especially in this digital world. Tutoring is as old as we are. Only the names have changed periodically from gurukul system to formal education system and now from year 2020 it’s not just school, but an online school. Obviously the medium of knowledge transfer got changed from classroom to digital. Learning is never ending process either through school or through internet. Therefore if you have at least one type of skill, you can definitely convert it into business by just sitting at your home. Cooking, art and craft, music, dance, etc. are the attractive skills almost every mom holds well at, which you can start online tutoring, as online tutoring is best to reach as many students as possible. Also, there are many other skills like soft skills, personal skills, and interpersonal skills, professional skills which can be shared through online training / online workshops / online courses etc. and hence making it possible to work from home and make money. 

How to be a successful online tutor?

There are many applications readily available in the market that can be used for online tutoring. The simplest application that can be used for online tutoring is WhatsApp. Here it is easily possible to take classes 1 on 1 session or you can also take in group. 

Skype is also a popular application which was initially launched for voice over IP in the year 2003. It means it was just possible to do voice calls from PC to PC. Later, after many experiments, skype was updated to new version wherein it’s possible to do video calling and now it is best used for one on one tutoring sessions. 

If you choose group online tutoring, google meet can be suggested as good to go with. It is more secured and safe. Google meet is secure by design with a built-in-protection, global network that google uses to secure your information and safeguard your privacy. Meet video

Meetings are always encrypted in transit and hence keeping the meeting very safe. 

If you are a tutor tutoring for the subjects like mathematics, science etc. where it is required to explain with the help of diagrams or something written on board, you will be pleased to used virtual whiteboards. Virtual whiteboards allows you to add drawings, images, videos, and also documents. Also you can record the online sessions. Most popular whiteboards now a days in use are Google Jamboard, Microsoft whiteboard, A Web Whiteboard (AWW), and clear touch canvas.

online tutoring

There are many more such applications in the market which can be efficiently used for online tutoring. My greetings for my dear moms / friends / work from home seekers who wish to choose online tutoring. 

2.  Online reselling business?


Online reselling

Well if you are very talented in marketing, then you have a wonderful opportunity to establish your world of business through online. Internet connects every corner of the world within a fraction of second, and creating a cloud of customers for you throughout the world. Wow!!! Wonderful right?

There are two options to start a business. One with some initial investment of your own and the other is without a penny of investment. The dream of business flies even higher, when there is no fear of losing money. Hence if you want to do a business, but still worrying about to be a stake holder, then pause for a minute. Reselling business is waiting for you.

One of the advantages of reselling business, apart from zero investment is, you are free from shipping and delivery responsibilities. All the responsibilities from shipment to delivery will be taken care by the manufacturer. Also you will have a review over the items you wish to sell, hence much assured with quality of the product. Amazing, isn’t it!

Online business

You can choose from a wide range of business ideas you would like to start. One of the businesses existing for many years and will continue to exist is the clothing business. Always there is an everlasting demand for clothing business wherever you go in the world. Some best reseller apps in India for clothes in India I would like to suggest are eBay, Meesho, amazon seller app, shop 101, Glowroad, quicker, Olx, Facebook selling and buying, and many more. These applications have made it possible for establishing business and work from home independently.

3. Data Entry jobs

Data entry jobs are the most comfortable jobs for all housewives. Once you understand what you do in a data entry job, you will find many occupations in this industry such as typist, coder, transcriber, and even word processor. If you have good communication and writing skills, basic software knowledge, fast typing speed, and skill, you will be the one to succeed in this industry for sure.

Data entry jobs mainly use word processing and excel programs. If you learn to use Microsoft Word and Excel or Google Docs and Sheets, your halfway is reached. Data entry jobs are the easiest way to earn through the internet. The advantage of doing data entry jobs are, there is no requirement of any particular degree. If you are a certified typist, with some writing skills, that’s enough to apply for a data entry job.

Data entry

Is there any course for data entry job?

Yes! Definitely there are some courses which you can utilize to improve your skills and apply for the job. Some of them are

  • Data entry operator
  • Modern office management and secretarial practice
  • Office assistant cum computer operator.

If you have any of these certificates, it’s very easy for you to setup your data entry career.

4. Digital marketing jobs

Marketing exists for so many years but the strategies have changed regularly. Digital marketing is the modern technology-based marketing to reach customers. If you have a marketing skill with a basic knowledge of computers, there you go!


What are the opportunities in digital marketing?

There are many opportunities in digital marketing with a recurring income. Some of them are:

  • Affiliate marketing:
  • Email marketing:
  • Search engine optimization:
  • Content marketing:
  • Social media marketing and many more.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing provides many opportunities for creative people all around and again the advantage of digital marketing job is, it keeps your skill developing with a good social recognition, being working from home. There are many companies requiring a very creative digital marketers and are ready to hire you either in full time basis or even as freelancers with a very good pay scales. If you are planning to take a training in digital marketing, then you must visit without fail.


So what are you waiting for? Choose any of your convenient job to start working from home and earning.


Did you find this article useful? If yes, then please share your feedback in the comment box below and let me know if you would like to know more about LERNERZONE courses. You can take a free online course on MAKE MONEY ONLINE by clicking on link below.