Hi, I'm Vireesh Basavaraj.. I am Digital Career Coach, I help students and housewives to build their career online using the power of Digital Marketing and Business Owners to build their business the online space

I know I came into this world with a certain purpose and mission.


As a Digital Career Coach

My mission is to help at least 1 million people get the best clarity about their careers and get their financial freedom


As a student, I had no clarity and did not know where I was going or what the right career for me might be. Like everyone else, I followed the trend and the reference I had. I finished my engineering degree and started working in sales and business development. Looking at my hard work and the results I was getting for my company, I was promoted to Assistant Manager.

But somewhere deep inside I was not happy with the way I was living. Because at that point, I knew that making money was not my passion. My true calling is to contribute to the lives of others. I started attending webinars and seminars and underwent rigorous coaching. Fortunately, I got the clarity I wanted and decided to quit my job and help others like me.

My father earned more respect in society than money and I grew up seeing him helping others selflessly. One of the top 5 values in my life is to contribute, and so I was always looking for ways to help others. At a very young age, he made me realize the value of every penny and taught me how to respect the efforts of others. What I have always loved about him is that he is always focused on empowering others for their own good, and now I am walking the same path. As a certified career coach and digital marketing trainer, I help people turn their passion into money.


Having been in the sales & business development field for over 10 years, I have had the opportunity to meet several hundred people in my career. I have made some good friends at all levels of organizations. After interacting with all these people, I have come to understand that no matter what position people are in, they are not happy.

I thought to myself that I am not the only one who is not happy even when earning a good salary in a company, but that there are others who are suffering because they do not know what they can do to get out of this situation and live a fulfilling life. That’s when I found a way to follow my true calling, which is to help others, and I became a career coach.


I started with a clear idea and a definite gut feeling that if I took calculated risks and implemented my plans effectively, I would be able to make money and overcome all the problems in my life. After about 6 months, I decided to share my experience with others and help them get out of the 9-to-5 race without taking a big risk, so I started my online career coaching program. So far, I have trained more than 900 people, including students, professionals, stay-at-home moms, and business people. It gives me great joy when I hear from them that their lives have changed because of my work. This makes me even more responsible to deliver the best results every time and motivates me to work tirelessly.

We live in a social age! If you can solve a problem for others, if you have a talent, an interest, or an experience in a particular field, then you can make more money and live life on your own terms. All you need is your passion, a cell phone and PC. Today I make more money than my job sitting at home.


I spend close to three hours every day updating and upgrading myself with the appropriate knowledge sources since I am a lifelong learner. I read a lot, and I particularly enjoy self-help books. I've dedicated more than 3,000 hours to learning and developing my digital entrepreneurship abilities. I came to see that mastering these abilities is similar to learning the alphabet in kindergarten for teens, children, and anybody living in the present or the future.


  1. If you need help understanding how to make money from your passion

  2. If you do not know what to do to live a fulfilling life

  3. If you are stuck in your 9-to-5 rat race

I can help you get out of it, just like I have helped so many others.

All my life I have followed one principle: EXPLORE, LEARN, GROW. I have never stopped exploring what I want to do, I have always learned new skills to improve myself in the areas that interest me, and this has helped me grow rapidly in my career.

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